Sneak peak of one of the new hip bags. What do you guys think?


Damien Clarke is a GIF maker from Melbourne, Australia who posts under the name 12gon. All of his graphics are generated entirely by writing code, inputting vertex coordinates, animating values using different algorithms and choosing colours by typing in hex values. This is all done in a 2D/3D graphics library he wrote for a different purpose in an Adobe AIR app.



the tiniest Lightning


nobody’s ever really happy to find out they’ve stayed up too late.

it used to be a cool achievement but now it’s like

"fuck. god damn it. not again. shit."

Get Monster Hunter.
I think it would give me a headache trying to read that tiny low-res text.

forgot how annoying it is to find cc for sims 3

and currently have nothing to do in ff



commission for fefetasprite! ^u^